Mission, Vision, Values

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Rivanna Community Church exits to love God, love one another, and love the world.

The Vision

Rivanna intends to grow as a church to 200 people and then prayerfully begin the process of planting another church. As our growth reaches 250 or more people, we will  commission the appropriate leadership and send a strong core group of people to plant another church. We will then start the process over again.

The Values

Rivanna is a Gospel Centered Church that is Community Oriented and Missionally Driven.

Gospel Centered:

Rivanna is a Gospel-Centered Church.  We believe that we are called to believe,  experience, and be the gospel.  We believe the gospel as it has been handed down from the apostles.  We experience the Risen Lord and the power and comfort of his Spirit through an encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ.  We seek to be (or live out) the message of the gospel as we conform our lives to God’s purpose, love, and character…that our lives look more and more like Christ’s.

Community Oriented:

Rivanna is a Community Oriented Church.  Through this community, we share common experiences of life, care, and joy.  Community is the essence of our church, is a joyful expression of who we are, and is primarily facilitated through our home groups.  As a relational community, we welcome and seek to enfold those whose lives are being touched by the Kingdom of God.

Missionally Driven:

Rivanna is a church that is committed to reaching those outside our church’s walls personally, locally, and globally.  Personally, we strive to live out the great commission call in our daily lives.  Locally, we seek to make a difference in our community by partnering with local ministries, creatively engaging our community, and planting churches.  Globally, we are committed to relationally bonded, long-term cross-cultural missions.

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